Stop looking at Screens on Sunday.

No emails. No texts. Definitely No Socials. Give your eyes a break.

Jason Chatfield
1 min readMay 21, 2023

I’ve noticed more and more amid the army of post-pandemic remote workers, the tendency to ‘get ahead for the week’ or ‘catch up on last week’ during their downtime on Saturday and Sunday.

I can sympathise with the need to triage the torrent of correspondence to keep it at some semblance of manageable levels. The thing is: email breeds email. Also, you stare at a screen non-stop every day of your life. For most of the day.

Give your eyes a rest. Give your brain a rest. At least give it a try.
If you must send emails on one of the days of the weekend, at least make it a “Schedule Send” for Monday AM, but make it a rule: No screens on one of the weekend days: Saturday or Sunday. Rest is as important as the work you do.

Anyone who emails me on a Sunday receives an auto-generated response that looks like this:

Guess what: The world doesn’t end. It’s wild.
Try it at your end for six weeks. Tell me your brain doesn’t thank you for it.



Jason Chatfield

New York-based Australian Comedian & Cartoonist for the New Yorker. Obsessed with productivity hacks, the creative process, and the Oxford comma.